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Recording Andrea Motis’ new album for Impulse!

At the end of March we flew again to New York to make another dream come true: to record Andrea Motis’ first album for Impulse!, the legendary jazz record label that grew with John Coltrane’s hits. From March 24 to 30, Andrea and the rest of the Quintet got together at Carriage House Studios with Jay Newland, recording technician, and Brian Bacchus, musical producer, to work on Andrea’s new album, which probably […]

First shows in the United States

As we wrote in a recent post, we’ve had the honor and happiness of traveling to the United States to play for the first time. And this is no small thing, specially for a jazz musician.  Another thing that has made it special is to be able to share the time and stage with some […]

We are going to the USA!

Many of you have been asking us for a long time, and many people in the United States writes saying: “When are you coming to play?“. And now, at last, in the beginning of november, we will cross the Atlantic with our trio and we’ll make true one of the biggest dreams that a jazz […]