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Jazzing 6, Sant Andreu Jazz Band’s latest album

On the year of their 10th anniversary, 2016, Sant Andreu Jazz Band have just published their latest album, Jazzing 6. It’s divided in two volumes (with a CD + DVD each) where you’ll find live recordings from June 7th to december 19th, 2015. Those two volumes contain, in total, 20 original arrangements by Alfons Carrascosa, Joan Monné and Sergi Vergés, written specially for the band, and the collaboration […]

New album: Jazzing 5

After months of tireless work you can at last find Sant Andreu Jazz Band’s 5th publication at the stores. Just in time for being presented during the 2nd Festival de Jazz de Sant Andreu, this new album collects the efforts made during 2014. As usual, you can choose between buying the CD (with its own DVD) or just the […]