Success at Tanjazz + October concerts

Andrea Motis was invited to participate at this year’s Tanjazz, Tanger’s jazz festival (Morocco), and it has been a success.

Celebrating its 17th edition, this year’s festival was dedicated to women, specially jazz women, and it took place between September 22nd and 25th.

With the name “Les femmes de Jazz” (the women of jazz) this year’s festival had the honor to participate on a United Nations’ program called “ONU Women”, which sponsored 3 of the musicians, including Andrea Motis.

The event was another step further on the way to find gender equality in the north african country but also in the whole world.

Here you can see a few minutes of Andrea Motis at the festival:

There is also an interesting article, in spanish, published on spanish newspaper El Mundo.

This month’s concerts

Next month, November, there will be concerts outside of Spain, in Europe, so keep an eye to the new agenda. For now, these are the gigs for October:

7 October, 2016
Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Quartet
Hotel Casa Anamaria d’Ollers, Girona


8 October, 2016
Motis Chamorro Quintet & Young Band
Jazz Cava, Terrassa


14 October, 2016
Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Quintet
Gran Teatro de Huelva


15 October, 2016
Andrea Motis, Josep Traver, Jaume Maristany
Espai Escènic Ca n’Humet. El Masnou


30 October, 2016
Joan Chamorro Reunion & Rita Payés
Festival Connexions, Teatre Apolo, Barcelona