I Sant Andreu Jazz Festival and september concerts

This month is very special because we will celebrate with Sant Andreu Jazz Band and many others the Jazzing Festival, the first in its kind to bring jazz music to everybody.

I Sant Andreu Jazz Festival

Sant Andreu Jazz Band is a non-profit organization that has been playing around for 8 years. Their desire is to bring the music closer, particulary jazz music. And now they have decided to organize a festival with many concerts and different bands for young and old, “jazzers”as well as people that come for the first time: the Jazzing Festival. The celebration will start on september 21st and continues from the 25th to the 28th, in Barcelona.

There will be, among many others, catalan musicians of great reputation as Ignasi Terraza, internacional musicians, like Scott Robinson, and also the youngest ones, the Young Cats (and they’ll sure make your jaw drop). Take a look at the poster: it’s impressing.

You can also check the whole program.


It’s a brave move: a self organized festival that will fill, during 5 days, Sant Andreu, Barcelona with 10 concerts for free and some more for a small price (the latest ones at the Sant Andreu Teatre).

Do you want to join us?

As they explain in their blog:

2 things you can do for Jazzing Festival

We have many incredible musicians that will be playing in different places, and we also have so much people working hard for this to be a success. But we also need you. We want to keep on working and bringing jazz music to people.

We need your support

We ask you to be a member of our Jazzing Club. And we offer you 2 options so you can choose the one that suits you best. For us your help is precious.


This month’s shows

As for the regular shows, we highlight Sant Andreu Jazz Band in Switzerland and Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Group in Paris on september 17, 18 and 19 and in London on september 30 and october the 1st.

01/09/14 – 05/09/14 Sant Andreu Jazz Band St. Moritz
07/09/14 Sant Andreu Jazz Band Avià Arteneu
17/09/14 – 19/09/14 Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Group Paris Duc des Lombards
20/09/14 Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Group Gelida, Barcelona
21/09/14 – 28/09/14 Sant Andreu Jazz Band Barcelona JAZZING, Festival de Jazz de Sant Andreu
25/09/14 – 28/09/14 Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Group Barcelona Festival de Jazz de Sant Andreu
30/09/14 – 01/10/14 Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Group London Pizza Expréss

Check the whole agenda here