La màgia de la veu


La màgia de la veu is a new project in which the voice is the main instrument that pays tribute to four great singers: Magalí (Billie Holiday), Eva (Dinah Washington), Andrea (Sarah Vaughan) and Rita (Ella Fitzgerald).

«It is my wish, for those who didn't know the vocal jazz, that through this work and these young voices they become curious about and begin a journey of discovery of what may be a source of inmense pleasure: Billie, Ella, Dinah, Sarah and other many voices, male and female, are waiting for them.» –Joan Chamorro

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Product Description

1. Desafinado
2. Jim
3. After you’ve gone
4. On a sentimental side
5. What is this thing called love
6. Stars fell on Alabama
7. How deep is the ocean
8. East of the sun
9. Lady sings the blues
10. I’ll remember april
11. Poor butterfly
12. Mad about the boy
13. Ain’t misbehavin’
14. I remember Clifford
15. Night and day
16. Gloomy sunday
17. How high the moon


  1. :

    Well what can I say, desafinado is definitely my favorite one in this, thank you Mr. Joan Chamorro.
    Thank you Andrea Motis
    Thank you Eva Fernandez
    Thank you Rita Payes
    Thank you Magali Datzira
    Thank you so much for this awesome

    • :

      Oh, well… Thank YOU, Evence Wang!! :D

  2. :

    somehow stumble to your how the high moon video on facebook
    instantly smitten.. and now im glad i spend the 9 euro to your music

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