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A Film About Kids and Music is a project from Ramon Tort arising from a music class. Conducted by Joan Chamorro, the big band brings together children between 6 and 18 years old, around a classic jazz repertoire with lots of swing, which gained the public and sold-out some of the most important music auditoriums in Spain.

This documentary is a journey led by the orchestra director, which immerses us in a unique teaching method as unique as the results it unveils. A story that will thrill us with these kids’ staging talent and touch us through all sort of sensations that only they are able to bring to life.

On this journey they are joined by Jesse Davis, Terell Stafford and Wycliffe Gordon, American musicians admired by all jazz music lovers that feed the spirit of young talent careers as Elsa, that with only 6 years old plays trumpet like an angel.

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Product Description

This is the standard edition of the movie. You can also buy a special edition with an extra DVD with all the whole songs, the interviews and some raw footage (UNAVAILABLE)

The DVD is in PAL system, which is used in many countries but not in the United States. Anyway, it can be played on any computer.



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    Very interesting to see what happens before the concerts. Hard work and times of fun sometimes. The film makes one understand how hard all work, the young pupils and their teachers. It also makes clear that the teachers demand that the pupils have a wish and engagement to learn and become better. After having looked at SAJB for more than a year I have got the insight that hard work and very professional teachers means as much as big talent. Finally a big thank to Ramon Tort for this wonderful film !

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