Cover: Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Quintet Live at Jamboree, Barcelona

New album of Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro: Live at Jamboree, Barcelona

Today we officially present the new album of Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Quintet, Live at the Jamboree, Barcelona with the collaboration of the great Scott Hamilton. You will find the CD, plus a DVD of the concert, in our store, and also you can listen to the full record or buy the digital audio at Bandcamp.

The album was recorded during three intense days of concerts at the Jamboree, in Barcelona, April 2013. As Chamorro explains:

I believe that this new CD is one of the most beautiful things I have been able to do in my life: for the musical result, and because it brings together people for whom I feel a profound human and musical admiration, and because I believe that after almost 5 years of working together, it marks the consolidation of Andrea as an artist and a jazz musician.

Also Andrea has beautiful words for the experience:

I went to see Scott Hamilton two years before recording this CD, also in Jamboree. He is one of the musicians I most admire and it was an enormous pleasure to spend three days playing with all these great musicians in Jamboree, after a year of playing many concerts, some also with incredible names like Dick Oatts and Scott Robinson. I am taking excellent advantage of the opportunities I have had over the last few years of playing alongside Joan.
Thanks to Ignasi and Míriam from Swit Records for releasing this third album, which seems to me to have more freshness and personality than the previous ones. This is no doubt due to the work we’ve been doing over the last few years. I’m very happy with it.
Thank you all for your art and for listening to us. I would like this music to bring you joy and to motivate you in whatever way you choose to contribute to the world.

We wish you enjoy it as much as we do!