New album: Jazzing 5

After months of tireless work you can at last find Sant Andreu Jazz Band’s 5th publication at the stores. Just in time for being presented during the 2nd Festival de Jazz de Sant Andreu, this new album collects the efforts made during 2014.

As usual, you can choose between buying the CD (with its own DVD) or just the audio version, as a digital download.

Nothing better than Joan Chamorro’s own words to explain it:

On the eve of what will be the 10th anniversary of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band (2016), I write these words as an introduction for our new CD-DVD. The evolution of each and every one of the band members is continuous -and I would say exponential-. I write these lines in August 2015 and, once passed these months of the year, I must mention the jazz explosion musically, enthusiasm, desire, work… that I could observe and enjoy an incredible way and, many times, with some fascination…

jazzing-15-portadaI think there are many things that allow this to emerge in this way, but above all there is one that stands above the rest: THE MUSIC ITSELF… that traps us, surrounds us and not left us go. When that happens as early as the age of the musicians in the SAJB, the result is amazing, both collectively and individually. Working listening and assimilating the different ingredients to have a “real” sound increases daily their capacity of understanding and assimilating the jazz language, their ability to improvise, based mainly on the knowledge and study of the history of this music, both the oldest and, increasingly, the most current.

The same happens with the voices (nine of them represented in this new work), each one different from the others, each one drinking from different sources, and as they pass the months and years, achieving its own maturity and personality, as it should be for you can really express yourself in the most authentic way: being yourself.

In this jazzing 5 we can already see many of these things I speak; and I glimpse volume 6 as the wonderful emergence of a group in which I have believed for all these years and which I have learned many things, one of them standing out of the rest: the important thing is not the goal but the way.


– Joan Chamorro