Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro recording with The New Catalan Ensemble

Eleven artists performing a completely new repertoire that fuses universally popular classics with original compositions based on poems by famous Catalan poets.

This is the starting point of the new project of Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro with The New Catalan Ensemble. And some days ago, from december 5th to the 13th, they have been recording the first album of this special ensemble at Music Lan, in Empordà.

The new album will be presented at Auditori de Barcelona on the february 20th, 2014, at 21:00 p.m.

Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro + The New Catalan Ensemble

The New Catalan Ensemble (NewCat) was formed with the goal of incorporating the sounds of traditional Catalan music instruments into other musical genres. This fusion of sounds is the group’s main means of artistic expression. The ensemble’s debut work brings together musicians from a variety of styles and backgrounds, along with the young singer and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Motis and the saxophonist and double bass player Joan Chamorro.

One of the new ensemble’s most distinguishing features is its flexibility. The formation can be enlarged or scaled down to meet the specific needs of any given project. Above all, the NewCat is a meeting point for versatile musicians who complement each other with different styles, such as pop, jazz or techlab, and the sounds of ancient and traditional Catalan instruments, such as the pipe, tenora and tible, allowing songs to serve as the recurring motifs that bind the proposal as a whole together.

Ultimately, the New Catalan Ensemble offers an alternative approach to sound and rhythm by blending the different musical backgrounds of its members in search of an experimental new sound.

The New Catalan Ensemble