Lua Amarela, Rita Payés’ latest album

It has been almost two years from the Enderrock prize which recognized the album Joan Chamorro presenta Rita Payés as the best jazz project of that moment. And this second album just validates that, at the same time that shows how it has been evolving.

Rita Payés is magic, sweetness, sensibility, character; she is pure energy, talent constantly evolving. At 16, she has just started to tell us wonderful things.

–Joan Chamorro

On 30 October Joan Chamorro Reunion & Rita Payés presented, in concert, the album Lua Amarela, the second one from this young singer and trombonist from Sant Andreu Jazz Band.


In this new CD, produced by Jazz to Jazz, Rita Payés alternates jazz standards with bossanova, samba, a portuguese fado and the beautiful Cançó de bres per a una princesa negra (Catalan song from Antoni Rodríguez Sabanés).

She is accompanied by Joan Chamorro Quintet, and with Enrique Oliver (tenor sax), Elisabeth Roma (guitar) and Jaume Llombart (guitar) as guest musicians.

As always, you can choose if you prefer the album Lua Amarela in CD or as a digital lossless download (that is, same quality as the master).