Joan Chamorro Nonet with Dick Oatts: Alfons Carrascosa’s music


Joan Chamorro never stops thinking and working around new ways to educate and bring music closer to people’s lives, we all know that.

Now he’s presenting a new series centered on the figure of arranger.

Joan Chamorro nonet & more play Alfons Carrascosa’s arrangements is the first album focused on the work of arrangers, and it’s dedicated to Catalan musician, composer and arranger Alfons Carrascosa:

This album wants to be the recognition of saxophonist Alfons Carrascosa as a musician, composer and arranger. I’ve vertebrate a nonet around head of Village Vanguard Orchestra and maximum reference for Carrascosa himself Dick Oatts.

–Joan Chamorro

To arrange a musical composition means to adapt it (to make the necessary changes) for voices or instruments it wasn’t written originally for.

And this is what Carrascosa has been doing with so many compositions arranged specially for the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, for example.

It means a lot of work and a deep understanding of music, as well as a deep understanding of each instrument and the specific context to which the music is being arranged for.

This album presents a repertoire of original compositions by Alfons Carrascosa, some by Joan Chamorro, and a few jazz and bossanova standards, with the voices of Andrea Motis and Rita Payés, all of them beautifully arranged by Carrascosa.

Besides american saxophonist Dick Oatts, there’s also the alto sax of Luigi Grasso and the tenor sax of Joel Frahm, along with a unique nonet: Ignasi Terraza, Victor de Diego, David Mengual, Esteve Pi, Víctor Carrascosa, Joan Mar Sauqué, Andrea Motis, Toni Belenguer and Chamorro himself.

You can also spot the collaborations of Pablo Arias (alto sax), Joan Mar Sauqué (trumpet), Joan Codina (trombon), Marçal Perramon (tenor sax), Joan Martí (tenor sax), Alba Esteban (alto sax), Josep Traver (guitar) and Magalí Datzira (double bass).

On February 2017 there will be the recording (live, at Jamboree) of the second album for this collection: Ted Dameron arranged by Luigi Grasso, with Pasquale Grasso (on guitar) as a special guest.

Joan Chamorro nonet & more play Alfons Carrascosa’s arrangements can be found as a CD and as a digital download as well.