Jazzing Festival: jazz for all

Probably you remember the jazz festival that Sant Andreu Jazz Band organized, for the first time, last september: the Jazzing Festival.

It was very exciting to be by their side and help them as much as we could. They managed to bring 11 big bands (and that means more than a hundred musicians!) and offered 22 concerts, most of them for free.

Joan Chamorro’s idea was to bring jazz to the streets, to people; to share emotions and to show that this music is not only night, smoke or intellect but can also mean day, dancing or pure happiness.


Dreaming again

Although last year’s tough job, this year they want to do it again: with more music, more dancing and more feelings.

And they’ve wanted to do it as a collaborative project. This means asking our community (which is largely the same) to get involved directly, so that they can get the money they need to go ahead with the Jazzing.

In fact, some of you have already made your contribution, and from here we thank you immensely. As last year you showed your support buying records and T-shirts.

Recompensas Verkami

Verkami and crowdfunding

Crowdfunding means funding a project by raising money from a large number of people, and that’s what platforms like Verkami (a renowned spanish version of Kickstarter and similars) allow, and it’s where the project is.

If you go to their page you will learn all the details: why they need money, what musicians they want to bring this year or what rewards they have prepared for those who take part in the project.

Because that’s what it’s all about: you give money to this idea and this help is rewarded in the form of albums, merchandising, concert tickets, VIP passes to attend a rehearsal of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band or signed photos, among others.

Some of these things are unique and there’s only a limited number of them, therefore, the sooner you go and choose your reward the easier it is to get what you like best.

The campaign began two days ago and is about to get 1500€. There are rewards for all budgets, and absolutely all are important.

Please, take a look at the project and if you like it make your pledge.

Next september, in Sant Andreu: more concerts, more musicians, and more Jazzing.

See it now!