Jazzing 6, Sant Andreu Jazz Band’s latest album

On the year of their 10th anniversary, 2016, Sant Andreu Jazz Band have just published their latest album, Jazzing 6. It’s divided in two volumes (with a CD + DVD each) where you’ll find live recordings from June 7th to december 19th, 2015.

segell-10-anys-sajbThose two volumes contain, in total, 20 original arrangements by Alfons Carrascosa, Joan Monné and Sergi Vergés, written specially for the band, and the collaboration of great musicians as Joel Frahm, Jon-Erik Kells, John Allred, Luigi Grasso, Ignasi Terraza, Josep Traver and Esteve Pi.

You can check each record in detail, listen or buy them, here :


Sant Andreu Jazz Band (2006-2016)

As a foreword, Joan Chamorro expresses in words his way of understanding music and life:

«I learn every day from my students, who don’t stop teaching me that we have no limits, that we always can advance, that enjoying every moment we are unconsciously aware that the best is yet to come, but not because that we live waiting, because, once and again, we are in the best moment: the present.

One important thing in music (and I think also in life) is that, as you learn and you know a little more, the more you realize how little you know and how much it remains. It remains… It remains for what???


This is the quid of the question… If you get that this is not distressing, but a motor generator of illusion and desire to continue learning, each new day is like being born again. Because each day you know a little more than the day before, each day you catch yourself, or anyone can surprise you, if you are alert; I think the issue is not to expect, just to live and to enjoy every advance, each moment, each new step that gets you more near yourself, to give then the best of yourself to others, regardless of the point in which you are.


Age doesn’t matter, time doesn’t matter; losses do matter, to learn from them; encounters do matter, to enjoy and learn from them while they last.

Love matters, in every sense of the word, and to be patient and not to hurry. And not being afraid of the end, thanking each new day and living it as if it were your last, but with the calm that nothing urges us.

This JAZZING 6 is the result of this way of understanding music, of understanding life. Now, simply, we invite you to close your eyes and listen to us.»

– Joan Chamorro