Growing forever

When we look back, everything we’ve been building on the internet last year and a half, we see a lot of things: new tools that allow us to connect with you, structures that make it possible to reach any part of the world, platforms that will bring our music wherever you are so that you can listen for free.

Internet is a rapidly changing environment, constantly forcing us to assess, review and improve. Some of the things we do are obvious (like having a shop or a place to listen to our records) but many are invisible changes. So we decided to make them more explicit (not all! do not panic!). That way we force ourselves to have a logbook while we ensure you are aware of them and you give us your feedback.

So, this January has been 2 of these small changes that may interest you.

Shipping rates update

Yes, some shipping rates have changed slightly, although mostly remain the same, and we like to be clear on that. These are our rates as of today:

Spain Europe The World
up to 500gr. 5€ 9,50€ 13,25€
up to 1000gr. 7,50€ 16€ 25€
up to 2000gr. 8€ 25€ 40€

Just in case, we want to remind you that we have a page where everything is explained. There you’ll find our terms and conditions, the most frequently asked questions, and our privacy policy.

Menu changes

Every time we have more products, so we decided to change a bit the navigation menu. Now, when you hover the Shop item, 4 options appear that hopefully will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for: you can choose to see just CDs, just DVDs, just merchandising or all products combined (as before).



Well, that’s all for now! We inaugurated the section, yay! You know that your comments are most welcome: together we make it better.