First shows in the United States

As we wrote in a recent post, we’ve had the honor and happiness of traveling to the United States to play for the first time. And this is no small thing, specially for a jazz musician.  Another thing that has made it special is to be able to share the time and stage with some great musicians in their farewell to the stages after so many years: the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra.

We made the gigs with our trio: our mini tour brought us to Boston and New York, through three unforgettable shows.

The experience wes very rewarding, and it was great to see the feeling between Omara Portuondo and Andrea, who sang together a classic theme: Dos gardenias para tí. When we all went to her dressing room to talk and prepare the performance we quickly saw the closeness and complicity between both women. On stage, this translated to more smiles and warmth, and some special improvisations.

New projects

Besides the concerts, the public and the friends we made, there was also time for some meetings and appointments: although it’s not signed yet, we bespoke a couple of gigs with the quintet at Dizzy’s Club, on the 9th and 10th of January, 2017.

And there’s also in project to make a recording with a legendary jazz label, with our quintet, where some great artists would participate too. This record would be presented in New York.

As you can imagine, we are truly grateful and excited.

Images gallery

Here you can see some casual pictures of our experience. We hope you enjoy them.