A trip to Austria

Just a year ago we invited violinist Christoph Mallinger at the Jamboree, and now he has invited us to visit his country, Austria, and play in a couple of gigs with his band.

Here there is a video of one year ago, at the Jamboree:

The first concert was on May 16 at the Ost Klub of Vienna and the day after we played at Jazzit, in Salzburg: Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro with the Sugar Daisy’s Hot Club playing swing from the 40′s.

Motis i Chamorro a Àustria

Announcement of the gigs

Music and rain

We reunited with Christoph, Christian and Anda -musicians and Austrian friends- and their group Sugar Daisy Hot Club. Although it did not stop raining, our days were full of events with two special concerts in two iconic clubs of Austria: Ost Klub in Vienna and Jazzit in Salzburg.

Many people came, eager to dance and listen to the songs that we prepared with the band: it sounded like a Big Band!



We arrived on the 15th in the morning, and then we met the rest of the band and we did a rehearsal to know each other better. The day went on between music and a stroll through the old town of Vienna: the Cathedral at night is also quite impressive. With the rain it even seems to take another dimension that revives the ghosts from the past.

The next day, as the rain continued, we visited the Museum of the History of Art and we were impressed with the jewels and treasures of the Habsburgs; it’s worth seeing it! After the rehearsal and sound test, the Ost Klub concert was full of energy and people danced until dawn. We all had lots of fun.

The next day we got up early to go to Salzburg, and we arrived just in time to visit the town, walking along its narrow streets below the castle, eating something and rehearsing and testing sound again. The Jazzit club is so charming and authentic, and we played until after midnight. Once the concert was over we kept playing and jamming around the bar and in the space between the tables for a while. It was a very special trip!