Andrea Motis made ​​us a great gift

Catalan writer and critic Sebastià Alzamora celebrated the new collaboration between Andrea Motis, Joan Chamorro and The New Catalan Ensemble with these words: “Andrea Motis made ​​us a great gift”. He wrote it this week, in one of the most important catalan newspapers while evaluating the project for Coses que es diuen però que no es fan.


The album is a selection of poems by Catalan authors (Joan Margarit, Enric Casasses, Joan Vinyoli, Gabriel Ferrater and Sebastià Alzamora himself, among others) with music by Joan Díaz, who is also the conductor.

The New Catalan Ensemble (NewCat) is a flexible and changing band, with the will to explore different projects: there is room for popular music, jazz, songs, techlab effects, and there’s also the desire to spread the sound of Catalan traditional instruments. In this first work they have chosen the collaboration of Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro to merge the universal language of jazz with the sounds of Catalan instruments.

As Alzamora expressed:

The words of the poems, in the sweet but firm voice of Andrea, take on a new meaning and remind us that, in the language of the tribe, the excitement and thrill are also possible. Andrea Motis still has to give us many masterpieces. For now, enjoy this one.

Here you have a very special acoustic version of Aquest teu aire suau (Montserrat Abelló / Juan Díez):