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Jazzing Festival: jazz for all

Probably you remember the jazz festival that Sant Andreu Jazz Band organized, for the first time, last september: the Jazzing Festival. It was very exciting to be by their side and help them as much as we could. They managed to bring 11 big bands (and that means more than a hundred musicians!) and offered […]

All June concerts

After a few days resting, we come back to nearest scenes :) Here you have all our concerts for the month of June, and also the first days of July as a “bonus”. That way, you will be able to make your plans with more time. We remind you of our complete agenda in case you want […]

Postcards from Japan

We are about to return, and we have wanted to share a series of photos from our tour in Japan with the great Scott Hamilton. They are only a small sample of some of the good times we’ve had in this kind country. It’s what you should have seen if you watched us through a hole. We only have words of […]