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Jazzing goes forward

There’s only one week left for the Jazzing Festival’s crowdfunding campaign to finish. We’ve lived the whole process from very near because of these reasons: Our relationship with Sant Andreu Jazz Band is very close: Joan and Andrea are from both projects Part of our team also works on both projects We’ve pledged to be sponsors :) A crowdfunding campaign is […]

Summer festivals: July and August

July and August is time for music festivals, many of them on the open air. After our japanese tour, where we’ve been immersed in a new culture and we’ve had incredible experiences, now we are back to the European summer gigs. On June 28 we played at Samois-sur-Seine (France), at the Festival Django Reinhardt, where we were recieved with open […]

Jazzing Festival: jazz for all

Probably you remember the jazz festival that Sant Andreu Jazz Band organized, for the first time, last september: the Jazzing Festival. It was very exciting to be by their side and help them as much as we could. They managed to bring 11 big bands (and that means more than a hundred musicians!) and offered […]