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Japan Tour

On the 12th of this month we go to Japan. We will play all over the country with the quintet and accompanied by Scott Hamilton, and we’re really excited: Japan is far and we are looking forward to meet the Japanese public. In addition, we will also have the company of Ramon Tort, director of the documentary A […]

Madrid and Cape Town

March has been a busy month: we have’nt stopped traveling and meeting new and wonderful people to share our music with. We have been treated so well that we wanted to record it on our blog. Ellas Crean Festival, Madrid On 20 and 21 March we played in Conde Duque of Madrid with Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Group, within […]

April’s concerts

After taking a little break we come back with another month full of concerts, and we’d like to emphasize three of them (although for us all of them are important): on April 15 we’ll be playing in Paris with the quintet; on the 18th at Girona‘s Auditori, with ONCA (Andorra’s National Classical Orchestra); and on the 19th we’ll be at Barcelona‘s Auditori, with Sant Andreu Jazz Band, on a […]