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This June: Festivals, Denmark, Jamboree…

Before getting into this month’s concerts we invite you to enjoy this wonderful version of Billy Holiday’s He’s funny that way. They played it last week for Catalunya Radio, while visiting different media for more music and interviews. And… you will love it :) This month we have gigs at three different festivals: At Festival de Jazz de Sant Pol […]

Introducing Joan Mar Sauqué

On April 17, a concert presentation was held at the Jamboree, in Barcelona, for the latest album of the series Joan Chamorro presents. This is the seventh volume of the collection, and it showcases the work of trumpeter Joan Mar Sauqué. 13 themes that bring us the sound and the possibilities of this young talent from Sant Andreu Jazz […]

May concerts

This month we have more concerts, again: that’s what the good weather brings! You can choose which group or combination you prefer: as a Quartet, as a Quintet, as a trio… with Sant Andreu Jazz Band; at celebrations for grown ups, or celebrations for kids… And we’d like to point to the concert that will take place on May 21, […]